Being real on the internet

Today, I filmed a bit of a different video. Some of you guys may have already seen it floating about if you’re into watching youtube.

It’s the Stripped Down Challenge and this past week it has been taking over the internet.

What is it? Well, as I briefly explained in the video, it’s a challenge to youtubers to sit and talk, no planning, no editing and effects, no music. Just you, your camera and your thoughts.

For a youtuber in our modern era, this is pretty intimidating. It seems nowadays that you rise to fame comes from good editing and music and lots of effects. It’s much easier to talk to a camera knowing that you can cut out what you don’t like. It’s pretty vulnerable to naked in front of a camera while fully dressed.

I have to say that despite the vulnerability and stress, I loved this challenge. It reminded me of an easier time in youtube where people just shared what they loved and never stressed or concerned themselves with fancy editing and the financial aspect of social media.

If you want to check out my version of the challenge then click below

As always, Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all on Thursday


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