Apartment Make Over Series #1

We all know the struggle of living a small, dark and boring basement apartment, and if you haven’t I’m sure you know the struggle of being to broke to do anything about it!

Well I’ve decided to take a stand against my shitty and dreary apartment and my horrible budget and start creating and finding ways to make my apartment look top notch!

Thus far, I am just barely starting but here is some addictions I’ve added to my room.

As some of you know, I film youtube videos and I film those videos in front of my bed. before my bed didn’t have any nice pillows, no fluffy throws, nothing.

Needless to say it was a boring background.

Here is the addictions I’ve added:


My boyfriend and I have decided to focus around neutrals and greys in our room with an unknown accent colour to be determined later. My first pick was the gorgeous “Hello Beautiful” pillow. I loved the gold lettering which I frequently see on wall art and the little details of the pillow, such as the pom poms and the golden arrow pointing to “the beautiful one”. This was a steal to me at $29.99 at Winners and Homesense.

The next is this ” Love is our Home” pillow. My boyfriend gravitated towards this pillow and I am glad he did. For one, it’s reversible. It has the same phrase on both sides and is a relatively long pillow. I loved having a longer pillow to be the feature along side some normal sized pillows. This one was $24.99 at Winners and Homesense.

Lastly, This fluffy white one was every basic girls dream. Neutral, soft and fluffy, this was the best buy of the day at $15.00 on clearance at Winners and Homesense.

As you can tell I adore Winners for purchasing home decor. It gives you the designer and well constructed options at a lower price point. If you are struggling to put together a space on a budget then I’d recommend taking your time, staying open and checking out Winners and Home sense for their secret great buys!

Anyone feeling in the mood for a beauty post next?

Let me know!




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