How to be Productive 101



   This seems like an obvious one to me but a majority of people do not schedule out their time. Using a planner or even a good ole’ notepad can help you to manage your time better and make sure that nothing is missed or forgotten in your busy schedule. Some tips for scheduling are:
1. Check emails, texts or missed phone calls during a certain time of day to avoid disruptions in work related tasks. This also goes for social media.
2. Invest in a planner you enjoy using and place everything in there, even if it seems unnecessary. This will encourage you to use it more and will become a habit instead of a  task.
3. Color coordinating is visually stimulating and can make it more appealing to you ensuring that you’ll continue using your system.

Organize and clean your work space
  A messy workspace will create more stress and distract you from your tasks. Make sure that your workspace is organized before starting your work. This can be very therapeutic and will help you when you’re looking for any paper or objects you may need throughout your work. Your productivity will stay high and having everything there will stop you from leaving in search of objects.

Morning Energy
  5 a.m. seems like an early rise but the amount you can do with an early morning wake up is amazing! Pick a time that’s realistic to you and get up bright and early to start your day. Some tips to help with this are…
1. Coffee coffee coffee! Pick your energy picker upper and be sure to have some ( a reasonable amount) when you wake up. Kick that morning fatigue in the balls with some caffeine!
2. Energize with a morning work out or stretch. Exercising releases endorphins and serotonin that will make your morning happier and healthier. This will help curb that tiredness and make waking up early much more satisfying.
3. Lay out what you need the night before. Whether it’s your workout apparel, workbooks, notes, laptop etc. If you have it ready to go for the morning then you are much more likely to wake up and do it.

Hydration is the key to everything. You have to be hydrated to think at your capacity and keep from getting distracted by thoughts of water (and food!)

Take advantage of your time
  Going for a walk? Return calls during this time. Driving to work? Listen to audiobooks. At the gym? Return emails while cycling. Multitasking and making the most of your will help to complete your tasks without consuming too much of your personal time.

That’s some of my ideas for productivity that work great for me. If you have any ideas that I should know be sure to comment them below!

Until we meet again






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