Today, I’m just giving you all a quick update on what you can expect in the month of December. Firstly, TONS AND TONS OF VIDEOS! Seriously, like I’m uploading four times this week, my hands are tired from typing and editing!! Gift Guides, DIY’s, Snacks and treats! All sorts of things so be sure to subscribe !

Next up, Blog! Once my exams are over I am going to start blogging more! I have a Colourpop over coming in that I am going to review, as well as a sneaky purchase I plan to make this weekend at Sephora (tehe!) Be sure to let me know anything else you want posted on the blog!!!

And of course there’s more….. VLOGMAS!! I will be doing Vlogmas on my second channel! I will be uploading a vlog everyday until Christmas (even though somedays I’m boring as a nun in a strip club!)

So be sure to get ready for more of me! Subscribe and follow me everywhere to stay in touch with everything I’ve got going on!!

I will see you back here hopefully next week with more!!!



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