New Years Resolutions 2017

2016 was kind of a shitty year. Between all the deaths, the lack of travelling and my inability to win a $1,000,000 it did not stack up. For 2017 I want to focus on the life changes that will improve my life overall, not just for a month or two. My plan is to make simple steps that will make the transition easier instead of huge steps that make my life a living hell.

1. Utilize my wardrobe more.
  With the freezing temperatures in Newfoundland, I tend to get in a winter wardrobe funk. It’s difficult to wear my cute little dresses when I’m afraid of freezing my tits off! Some of my favourite pieces sits in my closet for far too long! I need to start using my favourite items more or ..well..get rid of them! No good having clothing lingering about if it doesn’t fit ! If i don’t use it I lose it ! Time to wear my favourite pieces again and look more put together!!


2. Invest in the right items.
  This goes along with my wardrobe problems. I’m not the biggest spender ever but I am a sucker for a good deal! Even if, well, sometimes I don’t really even want the item! I see a big red sticker and fall for it’s cheap price as an item to add to my wardrobe! It’s a ridiculous habit to buy things you half love cause it’s half the price! This year Im focusing on investing into items that I really love only!!! Even if that means saving for a more expensive item that I adore instead of 10 that I only sort of love.


3. Invest time into myself and relaxation!
  I spend so much time stressing about things that I cannot control. It’s a huge part of my anxiety and it takes much needed time away from myself and my mental health. 2016 was such a stressful year and I really need to focus on having the time for myself in 2017. Spa days, face masks, candles and bubble baths! Anything I can do to help create more balance in my life is what I need! 2017 is about focusing on bettering myself and taking care of myself first!

4. Working on adjusting my lifestyle
  I’m not going to say that I am starting a new healthy lifestyle where I eat nothing but carrots all day, that’s just not me! But I am slowly adjusting myself back into the lifestyle I was into before! In the last year, I’ve been eating more junk food then I have in the past. I realized that a big part of the issue was from being too restrictive on what I was allowed to eat the year before. Although my body was in great shape, I didn’t enjoy things that I wanted too and it caused me to start to eat more junk! This year, it’s not about a completely restrictive diet or a completely relaxed one! It’s about balance. I’m trying to drink more green tea and water, keep my chocolate intake to a piece a day (to keep myself sane!) and to only enjoy junk food or naughty meals when out! I prepare fresh meals at home and enjoy still enjoy special occasions the way they should be enjoyed! Thus far, it’s working for me!


5. Travel more..
 Anyone that knows me knows that I love travelling more then almost anything else! Really, I do ! Acting, youtube and travel are my main priorities. I want to be able to go on at least one trip this year ( I mean, I’d go on a 100 if I could!)

6. Act in at least three shows.
 I’m an actor as well and because of my mental issues and busy schedule, I fell off the acting wagon last year and it SUCKS!!! I love acting and I really want to focus on doing what I enjoy this year.

My main priority for this year is to focus on pulling my life together bit by bit. I need to focus on myself and what will better my life instead of what will create instant satisfaction.

Let me know your goals below!!

Shawna Minnie. xx.


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