Valentine’s Day DIY’s

I am a DIY lover! I love crafts and buying new craft supplies and making things homemade to add that personal touch! Right now I don’t have the time to do a lot of Valentine’s day DIY’s but I do plan to pick a few and upload a video on them on February 1st!!! (Stay tuned for that one! )

But today I decided to do a post featuring a couple of my favourite Valentine’s DIY’s that you should check out ! Shout out to all the other amazing bloggers featured who came up with these creative ideas ! You guys rock!!

Pedicure in a Jar
Courtesy of Evermine! This DIY is super easy that even your boyfriend can do it for you! Perfect for a best friend or your Mom!! The concept is totally customizable and mason jar gifts are the best because you can tailor it to anyone! Love this one in particular!

I think homemade scrubs is the easiest and sweetest gift to make! Pick your friends favourite scent and you can make this with things that are sitting around your house! I love sugar scrubs especially when it comes to tanning season since it leaves my legs super soft! Check out this awesome recipe !

Coffee Candles!
Seriously, I’m obsessed with coffee and candles! Like, for real. I cannot function until I have my coffee and I always have something melting in my room! It puts me at ease and makes me feel like I can concur my day! This combination is a match made in heaven and I can’t wait to do it when I get my new desk (Stay tuned for a blog post on that as well!) Would love to do a mocha scent in a cute mug!

Marble Mugs
This may be one of the world’s cheapest DIY gifts EVER! Seriously! You can take a mug out of your cabinet and dip it in nail polish you already own and it wouldn’t cost a cent! I love this idea so much! I love the colours and it’s such a fun project to do with kids! The concept is super easy to understand and the results are gorgeous!!!


If you do ANY of these DIY’s be sure to let me know in the comments ! I can’t wait to try some of these out! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to see what Valentine’s DIY’s I do this year!!




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